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Wednesday , December 12 2018

Recent Posts

Worldwide Partners Alliance


Worldwide Partners Alliance Worldwide Partners Alliance (WPA) is an independent and professionally managed global network of leading transportation and logistics providers that specialize in both Air & Ocean Freight Forwarding and Niche/Specialized market services. Founded by industry veteran, Peter van der Knaap, the WPA vision is for a network of …

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World Freight Partnership


World Freight Partnership The World Freight Partnership (WFP) has been set up by freight professionals with many years experience of networking, planning conferences, and understanding the needs of dynamic owner managed international freight businesses who want to compete on the World’s stage. The unique advantages of working within the framework …

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Certified Transportation Network


  Certified Transportation Network Certified Transportation Network is a worldwide group of international logistics providers owned by the members. CTN member-partners work hand-in-hand to deliver the highest level of professional logistics services available today to meet the business needs of companies involved in global trade. Every CTN member-partner has been …

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T.O.P.S. Logistics


  T.O.P.S. Logistics T.O.P.S Logistics is a close-knit group of independent logistics providers. Based on our Member’s experience, innovation and commitment, our Network is able to offer an extensive range of freight services customized to benefit your business. No matter the cargo type and size, T.O.P.S Logistics Network has the …

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Centennial Logistics Network


  Centennial Logistics Network We at Centennial Logistics Network, starting our services on 1st July 2015 – giving you free Membership up till 30 June 2016, where you don’t have to pay any Membership fee and Trust Fund fee. We have a dedicated team of Recruitment which will work on …

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Premier Cargo Alliance


Premier Cargo Alliance We are pleased to introduce you to the PCA – Premier Cargo Alliance Network, a Global Freight Alliance Network for Independent Freight Forwarders, Logistic Companies and Service Providers in the Transportation Industry. My partners and I have travelled around the globe, engaging in many one-on-one discussions regarding …

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Atlas Logistic Network


Atlas Logistic Network Atlas International Network is an exclusive global logistics network for air & ocean partners. Our elite members are selected very cautiously through a carefully screened selection process in order to guarantee the superior quality and reliability of our financial secure alliance. Our strongly tied international network of …

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Icon Logistics Network


Icon Logistics Network We at Icon Logistics Network starting our Services on March 2017. We will be having a dedicated team of Recruitment which will work on recruitment in search of active freight forwarders to make them Member of the family. Our significant focus will always be on our Members …

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DISCOVER CONNECTA CONNECTA is an Association of Airfreight Specialists that unites the best independent IATA Agents from around the world. We’ve joined forces to compete against the multinational groups, share resources and attract clients. But the best part is that each and every member maintains its independence. OUR EXPERIENCE The …

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Africa Logistics Network


  Africa Logistics Network Why a new Network? We think the 21st century is the one of Africa and we want to be the Freight Forwarder Network for the new Century. At the end of last century, due to the important growth of the international transports, the worldwide Freight Forwarders …

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Global Freight Alliance


  Global Freight Alliance Global Freight Alliance is a freight forwarding network with one main principle: Networking. Networking is the basis behind our company and the services that we represent. Many freight forwarders join freight forwarding associations as it allows them to link together and mutually benefit by working together …

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The Cooperative Logistics Network


  The Cooperative Logistics Network A cooperative alliance of hand-picked freight forwarders who work together to grow their businesses and serve their clients worldwide. In a market dominated by the multinationals, The Cooperative vision is to link together like-minded independent forwarders from all over the world in a freight forwarder …

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Globalia Logistics Network


  Globalia Logistics Network An exclusive network of the highest calibre freight forwarders in each key air/seaport worldwide who operate in an environment of disciplined cooperation under a single brand name- That’s the Globalia formula for growing your business! Globalia Logistics Network awards each agent its own local market where …

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WACO System


  About us WACO was formed in 1973 after the founder members recognised the need for a global network of independent forwarding companies who would compete against the growing number of American freight forwarding entering the European market. In addition, preferred carrier programmes were implemented to leverage the combined spend …

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The Freight Summit


  The Freight Summit Once again, we are welcoming you to the first international open networking event for freight forwarders – The Freight Summit! Established in 2008, The Freight Summit, or TFS has been one of the best open networking conferences for reliable and quality forwarders like you. For the …

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